Food & Drink

We offer a wide range of store cupboard staples as well as nuts, dried fruit and seeds to suit all types of healthy eating and to support specific diet conditions:

  1. Organic

Many of our ranges are organic or have an organic alternative

  1. Gluten Free

More and more people choose to limit or restrict their gluten intake with success.  We offer gluten free alternatives to breakfast, snacks, baking and dinner

  1. Vegetarian and Vegan

We offer a number of store cupboard and chilled items specifically for vegetarians and vegans

  1. Sugar Free

Our range of jams and spreads includes no added sugar and we offer sugar substitutes and chocolate alternatives

  1. Dairy Free

We have an extensive range of dairy free milk type drinks, as well as treats that are dairy free

  1. International

We continually seek to extend our popular ranges of Moroccan, Indian and Asian foods

  1. Baking

We have an extensive range of unusual and gluten free flours as well as speciality sugars for the modern baker

  1. Chocolate

Because – moderation in everything including moderation

  1. Teas

We are very proud of our range of teas and coffee alternatives, which must be seen and tried!

  1. Drinks

We offer an extensive range of healthy drinks, everything from Acai berry to …. Vegetable juice.  We also stock glass bottled water and we have a range that supports the RNLI